What is DJ Monitor ?

Music Recognition Services

We Monitor. We recognize. We deliver.

With its roots firmly embedded in Dance Music, DJ Monitor has been successfully monitoring DJ Sets and Live Performances since 2005 on thousands of events, clubs and radio stations around the world.

Now DJ Monitor adds more products to its portfolio:

Monitoring live music sets, radio shows, TV commercials, online streams, podcasts, social networks, mobile apps, filehosters, newsgroups & torrents out of our unique database containing millions of international songs of all genres.

DJ Monitor identifies music for rights monitoring purposes as well as for live playlists through social media with artist information and instant legal downloads.

Our technology enables hundreds of thousands of artists & composers worldwide to get remunerated through their collecting society.

DJ Monitor also provides a platform to music fans for playlist information and legal music downloads through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Uploading music to our database by rights holders is free!

DJ Monitor is planning to operate out of Amsterdam, Barcelona, London & Melbourne.

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