DJ Monitor on Events and in Venues

DJ Monitor’s Sounddetect is currently only available in The Netherlands. First Quarter of 2007 DJ Monitor will be represented in The Netherlands and the UK. Call us about the possibilities for these and other territories.

How does SOUNDDETECT work ?

  • DJ Monitor Rack Pro® Records Audio on Event and includes client, date/time and event information.
  • The Audio Recording is saved to a (swappable) Harddisk.
  • The F.A.P.I. (Fingerprint Application Programming Interface) generates Digital Audio Fingerprints of every 2 seconds of the Audio Recording.
  • DJ Monitor Rack Pro® uploads Audio Fingerprints to the Servers through the Internet.
  • The Server compares the Audio Fingerprints of the events with the Audio Fingerprints of the songs in the Database (called a “run”).
  • If the Audio Fingerprints Match then the Server will look for the attached song information (metadata).
  • If the Audio Fingerprints do NOT match then declare a “no name”; song is unknown
  • The Server generates a Playlist for the customer.
  • The organisation can manage their data through the DJ Monitor website.
  • DJ Monitor can webcast live audio on internet, no additional hardware necessary.
  • DJ Monitor offers recognition and download services through SMS on events for consumers soon.